Ceramic coasters - banksy graffti

Hand made old school print-on-ceramic transfer. Cork backing to protect your surface.

Size: ~10 x ~10 cm.

Package includes 4 square coasters

Price: 99.00 PLN / 25.00 EUR
Shipment not included

Shipment cost:
Poland: 12.00 PLN
Rest of the world: 60.00 PLN / 15.00 EUR

Lead time: around 10 days (production) + postal shipment

Shipment to:
This is an original old school job! The pictures come from famous graffiti made by Banksy located near Waterloo station in London, UK.
Believe me, they look brilliant on the table and all your friends will be curious where did you get them.
It's got cork backing to protect your surface and the picture is protected by high quality varnish.

It's 100% unique hand made vintage product!

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